S12 melissa

S9 drew

S4 drew

Contestant Profile
Seasons Competed 3
Total Number of Days TBA

Survivor Atlantis

Tribe(s) Milo
► Meison
Placement TBD/20
Alliance(s) TBD
Challenge(s) Won TBD
Vote(s) Against TBD
Day(s) Lasted TBD

Drew is a contestant on Survivor Atlantis and the winner of Survivor Westeros and Survivor Divergent. In Survivor Atlantis competed with his friend Lily.

He competed as Melissa Fields in Survivor Divergent as a part of the season wide catfish twist.

Drew is the first two time winner on Storybook.


Hobbies: Books, board games, and apparently playing way too many orgs at the same time.
Pet Peeves: People who say "PIN Number" or "ATM Machine." People who put their money on the counter underneath the cashier's outstretched hand.
3 Words To Describe You: Apathetic, sarcastic, loyal
Name 1 thing not many people know about you: I make roses out of duct tape when I'm bored or forgot to get someone a Christmas present
If you could have 3 things on an island what would they be and why? A laptop pre-loaded with downloads of Gilmore Girls and all the Harry Potter movies, a neverending cask of cabernet sauvignon, and my collection of 72 Tyler Perry idols to help with the competition
Favorite Survivor Season and Why: The alt-world Kaoh Rong where Caleb didn't die, Slaylecia Holden made merge, and Aubry Bracco won
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like and Why: Malcolm Freberg. Great with challenges, garbage with strategy, pretty but boring. Favorite Fantasy Location (Narnia, Hogwarts, Vermillion City etc): Hogwarts all day every day.

Voting History

Survivor Storybook: Atlantis

Drew's Voting History
Episode Drew's
Voted Against
1 Phil -
2 Nick S -
3 Karen -
4 Milo Tribe Immune
5 Kiersten Carson, Gabby, Kiersten
6 Trysten x3 Gabby x2

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